Tenant Tips!

  • 11/16/2018

    Happy Holidays!

    As you are all preparing your amazing holiday dinners, a quick reminder that potato peels do NOT go in the garbage disposal. We get calls basically every year, so just want to remind you all. 

  • 10/31/2018

    Happy Veteran's Day!

    We want to wish all our Veteran tenants and their families a very happy Veteran's Day. Thank you all for your service, we appreciate you.

    We will be closed on Monday, November 12th in observance of the holiday. Our own bookkeeper Karin is also a Vet....20 years!

  • 07/16/2018

    Monsoon season 2018

    Hello everyone. As you are well aware, we are now smack dab in the middle of an active Monsoon season. Please be sure to check the property for leaks and to report them to us. All the roofers are very busy, so we would need to call in a repair ASAP. Please mitigate damage as best as you can until someone can come out. Capture water (put out a bucket or trashcan), mop things up if necessary, and call us if you need water extraction from carpets.

    Also, please check the exterior of the property to be sure culverts or rain gutters are not blocked.

    We love the rain and we sure need it, but this time of year it all seems to come at once! Thank you.

  • 01/31/2018

    Latest tenant tips, winter 2018

    Do you have a heat pump? This is an electric furnace/air conditioner combination unit. Be sure that your thermostat is not set on "emergency heat". This is to activate heat strips in the event the temperatures get so cold that the furnace doesn't come on. These heat strips are very expensive to run, so if you're experiencing high electric bills, check this first! Also be sure to change your filters regularly.

    Washing machines and dishwashers should also be cleaned regularly. Our water is hard as you all know. You can purchase products from Sears or Home Depot to put in your washing machine and dishwasher that will clean the deposits and keep them operating smoothly.

    Until next time......

    Lynne Ordean,
    Sedona Rentals & Property Management, Inc.

  • 01/15/2018

    Blocked calls.

    January 15th, 2018

    Happy Martin Luther King Day

    Hi everyone. In these days of home offices, we also work from home from time to time, and especially when we are on call for the weekend.

    For that reason, if you call in for maintenance or an emergency, we will block our home number before calling you back. Please be sure that your phone is set to accept blocked calls, and if we still cannot reach you, we will email you or text you directly from AppFolio, our property management software. We want to be sure to be able to respond to you quickly and efficiently.

    Thank you.

    Lynne, Greg, Karin and Donna
    Sedona Rentals & Property Management, Inc.
    (928) 282-7109 Sedona
    (928) 639-3717 Cottonwood

  • 12/21/2017

    First day of winter!

    We've had a pretty mild fall for 2017, but on this first day of winter, temps will plummet tonight. As a reminder, please disconnect all hoses from hose-bibs and do what you can in expectation of temperatures down in the 20's for the first time. Don't forget your furry friends, and be sure they have a warm place to sleep!

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Sedona Rentals. Cheers to an excellent 2018!

    Lynne, Greg, Karin and Donna.

  • 11/22/2017

    Tenant Tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2017

    Hello everyone! Just a little reminder that while preparing those scrumptious holiday meals, please remember to not put those potato peels in the garbage disposal. This is the main cause of sink clogs as they will not grind up.

    From all of us here at Sedona Rentals, please have a safe and happy holiday season.

    Lynne, Greg, Karin and Donna
    Sedona Rentals & Property Management, Inc.

  • 08/14/2017

    After hours emergencies.

    Hi folks. No one likes having an emergency at their residence, especially after hours. We wanted to remind you of the after hours emergency protocol. Remember, if you call our answering service in the middle of the night, they will call who is on-call for the office. Please be sensible.

    1) Appliance repair companies don't come out after hours or on weekends. Please call these in during regular business hours.

    2) Heating/cooling calls during extreme temps can be called in, but please, during daylight hours.

    3) Major plumbing issues. We do have after hours folks for true emergencies. Be sure to locate your main water shut off. If it's a toilet, shut off the water valve behind the toilet and the same for washer/dryer lines.

    4) Roof leaks. Roofers won't go up on the roof during a rain storm. Please capture any water leaking and then give our office a call (again, daylight hours please).

    5) No water if you're on a well. Well drillers don't come out at night. Please call during daylight hours.

    I know this sounds silly to most of you, but we've been getting paged at all hours of the night, on non-emergency items.

    If you have call block on your phone, please disable it if you call the answering service. When we call back from our homes, we do block the numbers and we will need to be able to speak to you. For regular maintenance calls, please feel free to use the Tenant Portal available to you in AppFolio. Thank you for your understanding.

    Sedona Rentals